Letter to the Crown Family School students about Winter Quarter

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Good evening Students,

Congratulations as you complete the mid-term of the Autumn Quarter. I trust that the remainder of the quarter will go smoothly.

I want to ensure that you are aware of the changes to the Academic Calendar for the Winter and Spring Quarters announced earlier today by Provost Ka Yee C. Lee. Most notably, Winter Quarter instruction at the Crown Family School will begin Monday, January 11, one week later than previously announced. 

The Crown Family School students should check in with their field instructors and/or agencies in order to confirm field instruction holiday departure and resumption plans. There is likely variation across field sites regarding agency protocols and expectations for ending Autumn Quarter field instruction, possible coverage during the upcoming holidays and/or preparation for the beginning of Winter Quarter field instruction. It is your responsibility to initiate these conversations with your field instructors. Please contact the Crown Family School Field Office if you have any questions.    

All classes held January 11-15 will be remote instruction, with in person classes resuming on Tuesday, January 19. The Reading Period is March 13-15, Final Exams March 16-19, and the Winter Quarter ending on Friday, March 20. Planning is currently underway for finalizing Winter Quarter classes. Crown Famiy School will offer primarily remote format classes during the Winter Quarter.

As you prepare for holiday travel plans, please be mindful of the City of Chicago, state and federal public health guidelines as outlined in the Chicago Health Pact for your safe departure and return to campus. Echoing Provost Lee’s closing remarks, we thank you for your flexibility and understanding,


Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.

Associate Professor and Deputy Dean for Curriculum