Inequality, Social Problems, and Change Elective Courses

The following are approved elective courses for the UChicago College Minor: Inequality, Social Problems, and Change  for the 2020-21 academic year.  Please note electives change somewhat year to year,   You may contact Professor Susan Lambert for more information on electives.  
Crown Family School faculty have an asterisk after their names. Search for Crown Family School courses in our Course Catalog.

Crown Family SchoolSSAD 23412  Cultural Studies in EducationShanta' Robinson*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 21000   Race and American Public Schools Eve L. Ewing*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 21100How Things Get Done in Cities and Why 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 28112Community Organizing 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 20269Policing the City 
SociologySOCI 20503Sociology of Race and Racism 
SociologySOCI 20233Race in Contemporary American SocietySharon Hicks-Bartlett
Human DevelopmentCHDV 20305Inequality in Urban SpacesKeels
Public Policy StudiesPBPL 24756Exploring the Resilient City 
Religious StudiesRLST 10102Religion, Reason, and the State 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 26922Structuring Refuge: U.S. Refugee Policy and Implementation PracticeJessica Darrow*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 21300Global Mental Health IssuesZhiying Ma*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 21200Policing, Citizenship, and Inequality in Comparative Perspective 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25003Immigration, Law and Society 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25112Contemporary Immigration Policy and Practice 
Public Policy StudiesPBPL 28498Women, Development and PoliticsBautista
Public Policy StudiesPBPL 24901Trade, Development and Poverty in Mexico 
Public Policy StudiesPBPL 27809Violence in the Early Years 
Political SciencePLSC 21820Global Justice and the Ethics of Immigration 
MA Program in Social SciencesMAPSS 31509Migration and Development 
Human DevelopmentCHDV 23403Borders, (Im)mobilities and Human Rights 
Clinical and Translational Science (Bio Sci)CCTS 21009Justice, Solidarity, and Global Health 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25005
Inequality at Work: The Changing Nature of Jobs and Propects for Improvement


Susan Lambert*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25630
PBPL 25630
LLSO 25630
Poverty, Work and Family PolicyJulia Henly* 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 20550Food Insecurity and Food Policy in the U.S.Elaine Waxman
SociologySOCI 20292The Social Psychology of InequalityWodtke
MA Program in Social SciencesMAPSS 31507Work in the Informal and Gig Economy 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25003Immigration, Law and SocietyAngela Garcia*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25004Punishment and Social Theory 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 27452Smart Decarceration: A Grand Challenge for Social Work 
Public Policy StudiesPBPL 25860Crime, Justice, and Inequality in the American City 
Political SciencePLSC 29500Drugs, Guns, and Money: The Politics of Criminal Conflict 
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 25732Prejudice and Discrimination: Individual Cost and Response Yoonsun Choi*
Crown Family SchoolSSAD 22812Examining Historical Trauma: Intergenerational Responses to the HolocaustAmelia Klein
Crown Family School SSAD 21300Global Mental Health Issues 
Religious StudiesRLST 10102Religion, Reason, and the State 
Public Policy StudiesPBPL 26690The Politics of Health CareSorcha Brophy
Human DevelopmentCHDV 23405Cultural Diversity, Structural Barriers, and Multilingualism in Clinical and Healing Encounters 
Gender and Sexuality StudiesGNSE 23132Activist Survival Kits: Feminism, Race, and the Politics of Movement Health 
Clinical and Translational Science (Bio Sci)CCTS 21009Justice, Solidarity, and Global Health 
AnthropologyANTH 22845


Xenophobia and the Politics of Belonging Ch'ien