Additional Financial Resources

Students may also supplement their Crown Family School scholarship awards with private loans, grants and scholarships through state and private agencies, and part-time employment on or off campus. 

State and Private Agency Stipends

It is not possible to give complete information about all grants available, because they vary considerably from year to year. Some states offer stipends to prepare workers for their child welfare programs, and a few offer grants in their public assistance and health programs. A state stipend carries a commitment to work for the agency. Inquiries should be addressed to the department of public welfare, public health, or mental health of the state in which the candidate wishes to work following graduation.

A few private agencies offer stipends, usually with the understanding that the individual will work for the agency after receiving the master’s degree. In most instances, admission must be approved by the School before an agency will offer educational stipends. Students interested in agency scholarships should make inquiries with private agencies in their localities and may also wish to contact various professional social work organizations.

Maroon Financial Credit Union private student loans

Maroon Financial Credit Union offers private student loans to members of Maroon Financial Credit Union and to their immediate families. Crown Family School students may join. For more information and to join, please visit their website.

Some Web-Based Resources for Financial Aid Information

Organizations that offer scholarships to students in the helping professions:

Minority Scholarship Information