Work and Family Policy: Policy Considerations for Family Support

Course Number: 42912

Course Description

This course is a graduate-level seminar that examines contemporary policy questions of concern to families. The course will address a range of contemporary work and family issues. We will consider (1) the demographic, labor market, and policy trends affecting family income, family structure, family time, and family care; (2) conceptual frameworks and policy debates concerning the responsibility of government, corporate, and informal sectors in addressing work and family issues; and (3) specific policy and program responses in such areas as family leave, child care, work hours and flexibility, and income assistance. Throughout the course, we will consider the ideological, conceptual, and empirical basis for the issues we study. Although our primary focus will be on issues affecting low-income American families, relevant comparisons will be made throughout the course – cross-nationally, across race/ethnicity, and across income. This course fulfills the second course requirement for the Family Support Program of Study but all SSA students are welcome.

Requirements Filled

Social Administration: All Courses

Social Administration: Policy courses

Addressing Social Inequality Program Course

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