Examining Historical Trauma: Intergenerational Responses to the Holocaust

Course Number: 62812

Course Description

This course will explore the intergenerational impact of historical trauma through interactive lectures, discussions, readings and screenings, using the Holocaust as an in-depth case study. Seventy-two years later, the weight of remembering this traumatic event continues to reverberate. Traversing the landscapes of the USA, Europe and Australia, this course will provide a forum for contemplating the effects of the Holocaust on different generations within both Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Areas of discussion include child survivors of the Holocaust, literature produced by the Second Generation, Third Generation responses to Holocaust video-testimony, intergenerational remembrance in Poland, reconciliation between Jews and Germans and a study of sites of trauma, Holocaust museums, and memorials. Examining the different ways that survivors and descendants have chosen to work through and commemorate this traumatic history will enable students to attain a detailed understanding of the aftermath of the Holocaust and will provide a platform to explore the impact of historical trauma on other populations.Students will gain insight into the role historical trauma plays in understanding social and cultural problems and learn tools for creating awareness and change in these communities.

Requirements Filled

Trauma-related Courses

Social Administration: All Courses

Specialized Diversity Courses

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