New Book: Asian American Parenting

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Asian American Parenting: Family Process and Intervention

Asian American ParentingSSA Associate Professor Yoonsun Choi and Hyeouk Hahm have co-edited a new volume Asian American Parenting: Family Process and Intervention. It was published by Springer in September, 2017. Choi and SSA Assistant Professor Miwa Yasui contributed chapters.

This important text offers data-rich guidelines for conducting culturally relevant and clinically effective intervention with Asian American families. Delving beneath longstanding generalizations and assumptions that have often hampered intervention with this diverse and growing population, expert contributors analyze the intricate dynamics of generational conflict and child development in Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and other Asian American households. Wide-angle coverage identifies critical factors shaping Asian American family process, from parenting styles, behaviors, and values to adjustment and autonomy issues across childhood and adolescence, including problems specific to girls and young women. Contributors also make extensive use of quantitative and qualitative findings in addressing the myriad paradoxes surrounding Asian identity, acculturation, and socialization in contemporary America.

Among the featured topics:

  • Rising challenges and opportunities of uncertain times for Asian American families.
  • A critical race perspective on an empirical review of Asian American parental racial-ethnic socialization.
  • Socioeconomic status and child/youth outcomes in Asian American families.
  • Daily associations between adolescents’ race-related experiences and family processes.
  • Understanding and addressing parent-adolescent conflict in Asian American families.
  • Behind the disempowering parenting: expanding the framework to understand Asian-American women’s self-harm and suicidality.

Asian American Parenting is vital reading for social workers, mental health professionals, and practitioners working family therapy cases who seek specific, practice-oriented case examples and resources for empowering interventions with Asian American parents and families.

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Yoonsun Choi