Keith Green

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  • 30000 Social Intervention: Programs and Policies II
  • 46712  Organizational Theory & Analysis for Human Services

Job Experience

  • Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Chicago
  • Principal Evaluator, Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus

  • Director of Federal Affairs, AIDS Foundation of Chicago

  • Project Director, Stroger Hospital of Cook County (Department of Psychiatry)

  • Associate Editor, Positively Aware Magazine

Fields of Special Interest

  • The Intersection of Social Work and Public Health
  • The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Behavioral and Biomedical HIV/AIDS Prevention Interventions
  • Program and Policy Implementation/Evaluation
  • Human Service Organizations

Publications or Presentations

  • Green, K., Bouris, A., Pollack, H. (2015, January). Integrating Biomedical Prevention Technologies: HIV/AIDS Focused CBOs Finding Their Way. Symposium presentation at the 19th Annual Society for Social Work and Research Conference, New Orleans, LA.

  • Green, K. (2014, Nov/Dec). Black, Gifted and Whole. Positively Aware, 26(7), 35-­‐36.

  • Green, K., Bouris, A., Pollack, H. (2014, November). HIV Prevention in the ACA Era: A CBO Perspective. Symposium presentation at the 142nd Annual American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, New Orleans, LA.

  • Green, K., Moore, L. (2014, November). Inviting In: Sharing From A Place of Power. 2014 Mandate Conference, Washington, DC.

  • Green, K., Bouris, A., Pollack, H. (2014, October). A Day in the Life: Integrating Biomedical Prevention Technologies at the CBO Level. 23rd Annual Illinois HIV/STD Conference, Springfield, IL.

  • Bush, S., Green, K., Keglovitz-­‐Baker, K., Mera, R., Rawlings, K. (2014, October). Age and Provider Differences in Utilization of Truvada for Pre-­Exposure Prophylaxis. United States Conference on AIDS, San Diego, CA.

  • Britt, L., Michaels, S., Green, K., Nelson, C., Westbrook, M., Simpson, Y., Prchand, N., Benbow, N., Schneider, J. (2013). Estimating the Number of Young Black Men who Have Sex with Men (YBMSM) on the South Side of Chicago: Towards HIV Elimination within US Urban Communities. Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 90, 6, 1205-­1214.

  • Hosek, S., Green, K., Siberry, G., Lally, M., Balthazar, C., Serrano, P., Kapogiannis, B. & The Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions. (2013). Integrating Behavioral Interventions Into Biomedical Prevention Trials with Youth: Lessons From Chicago’s Project PrEPare. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, 12:3-­4, 333-­348.

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