Jessica Carmen Villaseñor

Headshot of Jessica Carmen Villaseñor



  • 47812  Human Rights Policy and Practice

 Job Experience

  • Co-Founder and Program Manager, The Sports Creative
  • Street Educator, Fundación Casa Alianza Mexico
  • International Health Researcher and Program Advisor, Health Gives Hope 

 Fields of Special Interest

  • Urban Sociology
  • Global Inequality
  • Sociology of Youth

Publications or Presentations

  • Villaseñor, J(2019). "Rights Brokers and Gatekeepers: Non-Profit Organizations and Chavos de la Calle in Mexico City " Latin American Studies Association 2019 Congress, Boston, MA *Panel Organizer
  • Villaseñor, J(2019). "Stemming the tide of the City in Movement: The role of social groups in the lives of youth in street situations in Mexico City " Invited Speaker Trinity College, Hartford, CT
  • Villaseñor, J(2018). “La Paradoja de Apoyo: Cómo las instituciones respeta y no los derechos de NNA en situación de calle/The Paradox of Aid: The ways institutions respect and infringe upon the rights of youth in street situations” Invited speaker at RIDIACC Second Forum on Inclusion and Rights of Youth in street situations in Mexico City at the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City, Mexico City, MX
  • Villaseñor, J(2018). “The Structure of Programs and Youth in Street Situations.” Invited speaker at workshop, “Creating Youth-led Programs for NNA in Street Situations,” Mexico City, MX