• President Obama shakes hands with Demeatreas Whatley
    Defining Problems. Shaping Solutions. UChicago Welcomes 2022-23 Class of University of Chicago Obama Foundation Scholars
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  • Announcement of Cook County Promise Guaranteed Income Pilot by President Preckwinkle with other committee members in the background
    Defining Problems. Shaping Solutions. President Preckwinkle Announces Cook County Promise Guaranteed Income Pilot Cook County Bureau of Economic Development announces Request for Proposal applications for organizations interested in program administration and outreach assistance
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  • Apartments and sidewalk in Chicago
    Defining Problems. Shaping Solutions. Creating Wealth-Building Opportunities for Marginalized Communities Robert Chaskin's research team will survey the myriad of ways city governments around the world are enacting policies leveraging housing policy
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  • Waldo E. Johnson, Jr. outside of Edith Abbott Hall
    Defining Problems. Shaping Solutions. Congratulations to Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., who has been appointed Vice Provost
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Shantá Robinson receives NSF early-career award for research on racial inequities in education

Prestigious honor will support scholar’s research on STEM education for Black students experiencing homelessness

The 2022 Crown Family School Alumni Award Recipients

Congratulations to Louise Doss-Martin, AB ’59, AM ’63, Karen Teigiser, AM ’71, Chicago CRED, Lindsey Feldman, AM ’12, Evelyn Diaz, AM ’98, and Edith Crigler, AM ’92.


Eve L. Ewing and her guest, Jonathan Collins, Assistant Professor of Education and International and Public Affairs at Brown University, discuss “How Can School Governance Be a Model for Democracy?"
Cover of Sun Ra's Chicago: Afrofuturism and the City by Bill Sites

Sun Ra’s Chicago: Afrofuturism and the City

In Sun Ra's Chicago, William Sites brings this visionary musician back to earth—specifically to Chicago's South Side, where from 1946 to 1961 Ra lived and relaunched his career from a leader of big-bands to a leader of the avant-garde.

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A female-presenting person looks towards the camera in a library.

New Book by Eve L. Ewing

The Chicago Race Riot of 1919, the most intense of the riots that comprised the “Red Summer” of violence across the nation’s cities, is an event that has shaped the last century but is widely unknown. In 1919, award-winning poet Eve L. Ewing explores the story of this event—which lasted eight days and resulted in thirty-eight deaths and almost 500 injuries—through poems recounting the stories of everyday people trying to survive and thrive in the city. Ewing uses speculative and Afrofuturist lenses to recast history, and illuminates the thin line between the past and the present.

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A female-presenting person looks towards the camera in a library.

New Book by Angela García

New research combining social theory on immigration and race as well as place and law has uncovered the everyday failures and long-term human consequences of contemporary immigration laws in the United States. Crown Family School Assistant Professor Angela S. García studied these failures and consequences and explores their implications in her first book, Legal Passing: Navigating Undocumented Life and Local Immigration Law. Legal Passing, published with the University of California Press, offers a nuanced look at how the lives of undocumented Mexicans in the US are constantly shaped by federal, state, and local immigration laws.

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Junior Faculty Award funds Alan Zarychta’s water system research in Honduras

Assistant Professor Alan Zarychta will study a community-based intervention aiming to help local water councils manage their scarce resources more equitably and sustainably.

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