Ebony Hinton


Headshot of Ebony Hinton


Ebony Hinton is a fourth year doctoral student at the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice.  Her research interests involve the implementation of trauma-informed practices in urban schools.


  • 32700 Human Behavior in the Social Environment


Job Experience


  • Principal Investigator, School Social Workers and School-Wide Change
  • Research Assistant, Consortium for Chicago School Research
  • Research Assistant, Trauma Responsive Education Practices Project
  • Research Assistant, Alternative School Attendance Project


Fields of Special Interest

  • Urban education reform
  • Trauma-informed practices
  • Implementation of school-wide reform
  • Low-income African-American communities

Publications or Presentations


  • Hinton, E., Keels, M., Williams, S. (March, 2018). Understanding and Responding to the Acting Out Cycle. Practice Brief #6. TREP Project. 
  • Jiang, J., Hinton, E., Gutierrez, V., Sporte, S. (January, 2019). Five Years into Chicago’s REACH Teacher Evaluation System: How Teachers and Administrators Use the Information and Data REACH Provides. Consortium Report. 
  • Hinton, E., Mrug, S., Windle, M. (2012, May). Bi-directional Relationships between School Connectedness and Empathy in Early Adolescence. Poster session presented at John W. P. Ost Competition, Birmingham, AL.
  • Hinton, E., Jimenez, M., Durham, A., Downer, J. (2011, July). Examining the Relationship between Teacher Authoritarian Beliefs and Classroom Interactions: Role of Teacher-student Similarities. Poster session presented at Leadership Alliance National Symposium, Greenwich, CT.
  • Hinton, E., Mrug, S., Gaines, J., Windle, M. (2010, April). Correlates of Adolescent Hopelessness: Neighborhood and School Environments. Poster presentation presented at UAB Expo, Birmingham, AL.
  • Hinton, E., Mrug, S., Goodwin, N., Windle, M. (2010, February).  School Connectedness: The Role of Individual and Parental Factors. Poster presentation presented at Society for Research on Adolescents, Philadelphia, PA.