Social Psychological Foundations of Individual Change

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Whereas specific practice theories or evidence-based practices commonly anchor the study of interventions, our focus in this course will be the examination of social-psychological sources of change that are viewed as active ingredients in treatment effectiveness research (as well as others that are often treated as “noise” or error variance). That is, we will focus upon aspects of the person, the treatment, and the social environment that facilitate or impede positive change within the context of service delivery apart from the practice theory or model employed. Topics will include (a) individual factors such as processes of self-regulation and coping; concepts of change motivation; impediments to change such as stigma, psychological reactance, and social cognition; help-seeking, compliance, and treatment engagement; (b) clinician-level factors such as interpersonal responsiveness, attribution, expectancies and the helping relationship; and (c) treatment organizational factors such as norms, resources and comprehensiveness.

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