Life Course Development: Immigrant Adolescents and Their Families

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This class explores the multidimensional processes of immigrant adaptation, with a focus on the life course development of immigrant adolescents. A new generation of immigrant families and their children is the fastest growing and the most ethnically diverse population in the U.S. In addition, adolescence can be a difficult developmental period. Thus, the majority of adolescents of immigrants face multifold challenges of being adolescent, immigrant, and an ethnic minority. This class explores a variety of issues related to such challenges. We will study various levels of factors that influence the psychosocial outcomes of immigrant adolescents, including individual, familial, and social factors of adaptation. The role of culture as a context for children's development will be discussed in relation to children's identity development and parent's cultural adaptation. Discussions include the development of bicultural competence among adolescents and the role of parental adaptation in facilitating such bicultural competence. Implications for practice and research will be discussed.

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