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Top Reasons to Attend Crown Family School

1. We embody the history of social work, and its future

The founders of our School were also founders of the discipline of social work, and the professors you’ll learn from today continue to shape social work theory and practice through their interdisciplinary research. 

2. We are purpose-driven

We live our mission, working toward a more just and humane society through research, teaching, and service to the community.

3. We are top ranked in the world

The Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice is top ranked as one of the best schools for social work and social welfare in the world.

4. Our interdisciplinary approach to learning

Crown Family School professors represent over a dozen different disciplines. The unsurpassed interdisciplinary focus of our degrees gives you greater flexibility and choice in your future career.

5. We provide unparalleled opportunity for field education in the City of Chicago

Field education is an essential component of the Crown Family School experience. By working directly with vulnerable populations and the institutions that serve them, you'll apply the theories and techniques to gain insight into the day-to-day rigors and rewards of social work.

6. Our mantra is ‘how does it work in theory AND practice?’

We start by focusing on the individual (micro), examine top-level systems (macro), and everything in between (mezzo). Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration (SW) program students receive a thorough grounding in administration and clinical practice. Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management (SSL) program students gain knowledge about how mission-driven organizations operate, as well as deep, conceptual thinking about how these organizations can respond to complex social problems. 

7. Our curriculum is flexible

You don’t have to declare a concentration at the time of application to the SW program – you’ll choose a Clinical Practice or Social Administration concentration during the Winter quarter of your first year. Both the SW and SSL programs also offer the option for full- or part-time enrollment.

8. Our master’s students do cutting-edge research, get published

Crown Family School is one of the few schools of social work that has a student journal for master’s level students: Advocates’ Forum. Our doctoral students are poised to become thought leaders in social work and social welfare scholarship. 

9. Over 95 percent of our master’s students receive scholarships or financial aid

Each year, Crown Family School awards full and partial tuition scholarships. The School makes every effort to help students by offering exceptional scholarship assistance as well as facilitating other forms of financial assistance.

10. Our exceptional resources and tools set you up for career success

Our Office of Career and Leadership Development offers tailored resources and tools, training workshops, and networking events for master’s and doctoral students as they plan for professional opportunities during and after their time at Crown Family School.

The Crown Family School has set me on the path toward gaining the skills and knowledge I need as a social worker. It has given me a professional identity, a network of motivated advocates, and a way to channel my passion by opening me to a variety of experiences.

Kelli Bosak
Kelli Bosak
AM '15