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Application Tips and Guidelines

The Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice reviews applications holistically, meaning we consider all the pieces of your application as a collective representation of you academically and professionally. Below are some suggestions that may assist you in completing your application.


  • Respond directly to all the essay prompts regarding your professional goals, your strengths, and your learning needs with regards to a career in social work/social welfare.
  • Present a balanced critique of a social issue and suggestions for challenging inequality.
  • Articulate how your paid or unpaid experience might contribute to the Crown Family School classroom and a career in social work/social welfare. If your prior experience is not in human services, briefly highlight how that experience might be related to supporting a career in social work/social welfare or social sector leadership/nonprofit management.
  • Be sure to elaborate on why you want to be at Crown Family School - what is it that we do here that you want to be a part of and are there any specific faculty with whom you want to work?
  • Remember that the essay is about both content and comprehension, so read and re-read your statement for content, flow, and to catch any grammatical errors you missed the first time through.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Your recommenders should be individuals who know you well and can evaluate your potential for graduate school education (i.e.: employers, supervisors, and college professors). Be sure to inform them of the deadline for submission.
  • We discourage letters from friends, relatives, neighbors, therapists, doctors, etc.
  • If you have recently graduated or are about to graduate, reach out to professors. If you have worked, ask your supervisor.
  • We want letters that can speak on your performance and why you would make a great addition to the field of social work/social welfare or social sector leadership/nonprofit management.


  • Crown Family School does not require students to have an undergraduate degree in social work. Our students come from a variety of academic backgrounds and undergraduate majors including those in the social sciences, humanities, biological sciences, and arts.
  • While a cumulative GPA is important, we are also mindful of your last 3-4 terms, your grades in coursework relevant to social work/social welfare, and if you completed any graduate level work.